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Infrared Heating Panels

Our heating panels are based on the principle of direct warmth. Infrared is a direct form of heat.

Uses Far Infrared Rays

Hence the name “FIR-panel”

Fully Electric

A sustainable, affordable alternative to current convection heating, mostly on gas.

Reduce your gas consumption

The panels are fully electric and are a sustainable, affordable alternative to the current convection heating, mostly on gas, and thus contribute to the objective to reduce gas consumption.

In combination with solar panels, you heat completely emission free.

One of the most efficient on the market

The panels have an efficiency of almost 100%.

A sustainable solution

The infrared heating panels are completely electric and in combination with solar panels, you heat emission free.

Contributes to a smart home

To take full advantage of the panels, connect the panels to a smart thermostat. So you can determine when you want to heat the room and to what temperature. Because the heating element cools slowly, there are less temperature fluctuations.

Friendly installation

Thanks to the plug-and-play technique, the panels are easy to install.

Different Models
320 Watt
Infrared heating panel
450 Watt
Infrared heating panel
550 Watt
Infrared heating panel
700 Watt
Infrared heating panel
Shipments throughout Europe

We want to help everyone who wants to create a healthy and sustainable indoor climate. That’s why we deliver our products to all homeowners in Europe!